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Camping Pellet Stove (3)

KeeBon Camping Pellet Stove with Hopper - New Camping Tent Stove
The Camping Pellet Stove uses highly efficient and portable wood pellets as fuel and is designed with a non-electric automatic pellet feed.
It's a combination of a traditional camp stove and wood pellets, but the Camping Pellet Stove delivers a more comfortable camping experience!


KeeBon Camping Pellet Stove

What is a Camping Pellet Stove?

Camping pellet stoves automate the feeding of pellets, eliminating the need for electricity. The pellet hopper holds enough fuel for hours of heat, providing a steady and controlled output. Not only are they convenient, but they also offer the clean fuel benefits of pellet stoves. Made from compressed sawdust or biomass materials, the wood pellets produce minimal smoke and emissions, reducing your environmental impact.
Superior in reliability and performance, camping pellet stoves are designed to withstand the demands of long camping trips. They combine the best of pellet stoves and traditional wood stoves, providing a versatile solution for outdoor enthusiasts. Experience the charm of a wood stove with the convenience of automation.

Outdoor portable pellet burner

The great thing about camping pellet stoves is that they burn wood pellets and can be fed automatically through the pellet hopper. KeeBon's camping pellet stoves are available in a variety of models, and on average, each camping pellet stove burns unsupervised for 4-8 hours. Wood pellets are a portable, lightweight and clean fuel that is increasingly favored by outdoor camping enthusiasts, which is why it is important to have a portable pellet burner specifically designed for use in outdoor tents, RVs and other campgrounds!

All-in-one Oven

A variety of KeeBon camping pellet stoves come with ovens, so you can enjoy more ways to cook outdoors.

Better Efficiency than Wood Burning Stove

Research shows that the combustion efficiency of wood pellets is between 68.5% and 80.2%, and the actual combustion efficiency depends on the combustion device or pellets, while our camping pellet stove adopts the U-shaped combustion chamber design, which is able to stabilize the combustion efficiency of wood pellets at around 80%, which greatly saves fuel and reduces environmental pollution. This is not possible with wood burning stoves, which consume 21% more energy than pellet stoves due to fuel limitations. In addition, camping pellet stoves produce far less smoke and creosote, the number one cause of chimney fires, than wood burning stoves. And, the large capacity pellet hopper can store over 5kg of wood pellets, which can be burned for up to 4-8 hours at a time, keeping you warm all night long. Eliminate the hassle of finding firewood, particularly in winter when damp wood requires drying before burning. Our camping pellet stoves ensure you never wake up cold at night to refuel.