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Is Pomoly Hammock Hot Tent Worth Buying?

Jul 31, 2022
I think most people, like me, don’t know how to choose a tent. Our choice of tents is a serious problem. A high-quality tent can bring us a pleasant camping experience. In this article, I will introduce Pomoly Hammock Hot Tent to you. It’s a product of Pomoly. This tent was designed by Jeremy in 2020. He loves camping.

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  • Design of Stove Jack
  • Waterproof Fabric Designed for Hammock
  • No support Poles Design
  • Free Access to The Tent
  • Hammock tent
  • Soft And Breathable Canvas Fabric
  • Security

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On weekends, most people go camping. Camping is a way for people to relax. People can also reduce stress by camping. Tents are indispensable equipment for outdoor camping. We found that many tents have different Pros And Cons on the Internet. I’ll list people’s reviews on Pomoly Hammock Hot Tent. I hope my article can help you better know this product.

1. Design of Stove Jack

This is a hammock tent with a stove jack. You can use the stove in the tent. You just need to insert the stovepipes into the stove jack, and the smoke from the stove can be discharged outside.


The quality of this tent is very good. It’s perfect for hiking and camping. It’s also light.

2. Waterproof Fabric Designed for Hammock

The fabric of this tent is waterproof. Most people buy this tent because of this feature. The waterproof fabric of this tent is produced and sold by the Pomoly team. You can enjoy hammock camping in the tent.


I bought it after watching the YouTube video of LoneWolf 902. Many people praised the product. This is a great hammock hot Tent.

3. No support Poles Design

The Tent is designed based on the hammock, so this tent does not adopt any support. People only need a top rope and several wind ropes to fix the Tent. This reduces the weight of the tent. In addition, you can adjust the height of the rope according to your needs. You will have more space.


The ropes of this tent don’t wear easily. I fixed the tent easily. I like this type of tent.

4. Free Access to The Tent

The entrance of the Pomoly Hammock Hot Tent is very special. It is different from an ordinary tent. The tent doesn’t have a zipper. People can enter the tent more freely. Campers only need to cross and fix the left and right walls of the Tent to the middle. Then, the tent can be installed successfully.


I like this tent very much. I am free to enter the tent. I suggest lazy people buy Pomoly Hammock Hot Tent. I think it is specially designed for lazy people.

5. Hammock tent

As this is a hammock tent, it can only be used by one person. Pomoly Hammock Hot Tent compared with the traditional tent with mats, no more people can enter the tent to sleep. This is a disadvantage of Hammock Hot Tent.


Just ordered one. I’ve been waiting for the shipment of my order.

6. Soft And Breathable Canvas Fabric

Pomoly Hammock Hot Tent adopts Pomoly’s unique Blended Canvas as tent material. Based on 70% cotton and 30% polyester, this fabric provides comfortable softness and good air permeability.


I used the hammock tent and stove while fishing in Canada, borrowed from a guide due to the cabin being destroyed on a fly-in trip. The week using this equipment saved the adventure. The weather was poor, the fishing great and I did not really miss the comfort of a structure much The fly over a hammock with the stove below was remarkable, slept toasty each night, used the stove to cook Very. Remarkable. Thinking now of winter camping.

7. Security

Life safety is very important. A hammock tent is more dangerous than an ordinary tent. We should check the details carefully when fixing the tent.

If you are on the fence about buying this tent just do it, You won’t be sorry. I used an 11-foot hammock in it and there was still room for a cot.


Pomoly Hammock Hot Tent is a tent with many functions. You can use a stove in the tent. This tent has many advantages. People made many good comments about the tent. This tent is great.

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