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Luxe Hercules Hot Tent or Pomoly HEX Plus Camping Hot Tent, Which Is Better?

Aug 12, 2022

Although car camping and backpacking are completely different outdoor activities, they have one thing in common; In both cases, you need a tent. Your choice of tent will fully explain the type of travel you plan. Maybe you've heard of y Luxe Hercules Hot Tent.

Hercules is a huge independent 8-person dome-shaped winter tent, which can be used for winter camping, hunting, ice fishing, and other activities. This large winter camping tent is unique in that you can use a firewood stove to heat and cook delicious food in the tent. This tent has a lot of space, so you can live in it for a long time, or even live in it.

Luxe Hercules Hot Tent


The weight is too heavy. Luxe Hercules Hot Tent is only suitable for car camping


  • Removable stove jack to add a tent wood stove
  • Vertical sidewalls for huge interior space
  • Removable buckle-in floor for floorless shelter
  • 3 doors for group camping with no-see-um screens
  • Lightweight, waterproof, and seam-taped secondary vent rainfly and main outer tent with 4 zippable air vents for improved ventilation
  • Pitch the outer main body without a second vent rainfly for improved view and airflow
  • Large camping cot friendly with stand-up room
  • 10 large mesh pockets on the interior walls to store random things, as well as many eyelets at the top to hang a light or small clothesline
  • Hubbed and shock-corded tent poles for easy assembly
  • No-see-um Bug Mesh on all doors and vents

There is another option.

Pomoly HEX Plus Camping Hot Tent is smaller than Luxe Hercules Hot Tent. But the gap is not big. But the price is more than two hundred dollars cheaper. If I had $600, I'd rather buy two Pomoly HEX Plus Camping Hot Tents   

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As a four-season waterproof tent, it provides rain, wind, and snow protection. The shelter can accommodate up to eight people in a group, or provide a lot of living space for independent base camp adventurers. The interior is designed with vertical walls for standing rooms and camping beds. The dome tent has three doors to facilitate access to the shelter. 

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