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How to Properly Maintain Your Hot Tent | Camping Skills

Aug 12, 2022

1.  Like functional clothing, backpacks, and hiking boots, the same rules apply to the maintenance and storage of hot tents: "protect what you love!" Even the highest quality tent coating can be affected by improper handling or overuse. Therefore, we have summarized the five most important tips and tricks for your hot tent maintenance.

2. Proper maintenance and storage can extend the durability and robustness of outdoor hot tents. Usually, we only need a few simple steps to maintain the performance of the hot tent:Put the hot tent away only when it is completely dry and clean. Any residual moisture (including condensate in the tent) can cause mildew and mold. If you have to take down your hot tent in the rain, but it's still wet, it's best to put it up completely at home and let it dry. Ideally, open the inlet so that the remaining water evaporates.

3. If the Fabric is dirty, you should clean it with a cloth or soft brush and mild soap. The ideal water temperature is about 30 degrees. Under no circumstances should you put the tent in the washing machine, treat it with corrosive cleaner or use high-pressure cleaner.

4. Before you set up your hot tent, you should first check whether there are stones or sharp branches on the ground. Not only are these unpleasant to feel through camping mats and sleeping bags, but they can damage the tent floor. Use strong floor mats to provide additional protection for the hot tent floor.

5. If the water in the external tent does not drip as before after frequent use and the drying time is long, it can be re-impregnated.

We have developed more tent maintenance skills - please check our rich tent manual.

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