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KeeMoon Camping Pellet Stove | Tent Pellet Stove with Oven | KeeBon New Arrival 2024

KeeMoon Camping Pellet Stove | Tent Pellet Stove with Oven | KeeBon New Arrival 2024

US$ 449.00
  • Detail
    • Introduction: KeeMoon Camping Pellet Stove is a portable pellet stove designed for the outdoor adventurer, perfect for use in heat resistant tents, RVs and decks.
    • Material: high-strength stainless steel all over.
    • Thickened cooking surface: withstands high temperature without deformation, giving you a better cooking experience.
    • Removable, hollowed-out stainless steel stand: extends the cooking surface to hold items.
    • Dual-purpose pellet adjustment valve: the adjustment valve can control the pellet falling speed, removing the valve can burn small pieces of firewood.
    • Built-in Oven: The oven bottom is hollowed mesh to ensure more even heating on both sides of the pizza.
    • U-shaped combustion chamber design: Combines with the damper and chimney to create a horizontal flame that heats the oven body evenly.
    • Secondary Air Intake: There are secondary air intake holes on the back to increase the flow of gas in the combustion chamber and allow the fuel to burn completely. Improves combustion efficiency.

    KeeMoon Camping Pellet Stove

    KeeMoon Camping Pellet Stove

    Experience the perfect blend of convenience and functionality with the KeeMoon Camping Pellet Stove. Designed specifically for outdoor adventurers, this portable stove is an ideal companion for camping trips, heat resistant tents, RVs, and decks. Crafted from high-strength stainless steel, this stove ensures durability and reliability in any outdoor setting.


    Stove Type Camping Pellet Stove
    Stove Weight 22kg
    Burning Time 6 h (full pellet bin)
    Whole Body Size L 63cm x W 46cm x H 210cm
    Combustion Bin Size L 39cm x W 23cm x H 27cm
    Fuel Type
    Wood Pellets /Firewood
    Auto-Fed Power Source Dual-Purpose Pellet Adjustment Valve
    Applicable Space
    3-5 Person Tents 
    Stainless Steel 304

    KeeMoon Camping Pellet Stove Dimensions

    KeeMoon Camping Pellet Stove Packaging instructions


    Camping Pellet Stove(All in one)
    Pellet hopper (assembly required)
    4 Sections Stove Pipes
    Automatic pellet feeding device
    Glass wind curtain
    one pair of gloves



    KeeMoon Camping Pellet Stove

    The KeeMoon Camping Pellet Stove is constructed using high-strength stainless steel throughout, guaranteeing durability and resistance against harsh outdoor conditions. This ensures a long-lasting stove that can withstand the demands of your outdoor adventures.

    Thickened Cooking Surface

    KeeMoon Camping Pellet Stove

    The stove's cooking surface is thickened to withstand high temperatures without deformation. This feature not only provides a stable and reliable cooking experience but also ensures that your food is cooked evenly.

    Foldable Stainless Steel Stand

    KeeMoon Camping Pellet Stove Foldable Stainless Steel Stand

    The stove comes with a Foldable, hollowed-out stainless steel stand that extends the cooking surface. This allows you to conveniently place and hold various items while cooking, adding versatility to your outdoor culinary experience.

    Dual-Purpose Pellet Adjustment Valve

    The KeeMoon Camping Pellet Stove features a dual-purpose pellet adjustment valve. This valve allows you to control the speed at which the pellets fall, ensuring optimal heat regulation. Additionally, removing the valve allows you to burn small pieces of firewood, giving you flexibility in fuel options.

    Built-in Oven

    KeeMoon Camping Pellet Stove Built-in Oven

    Taking your outdoor cooking to the next level, this stove is equipped with a built-in oven. The oven's bottom is designed with a hollowed mesh, enabling more even heating on both sides of your pizza or other baked goods. Enjoy delicious meals even in the midst of your camping adventures.

    Efficient and Even Heating:

    pellet burnner

    U-Shaped Combustion Chamber Design: The KeeMoon Camping Pellet Stove incorporates a U-shaped combustion chamber design. This innovative feature, combined with the damper and chimney, creates a horizontal flame that ensures even heating throughout the stove's body. Say goodbye to cold spots and enjoy consistent warmth in your camping area.

    Secondary Air Intake: To improve combustion efficiency, this stove is equipped with secondary air intake holes at the back. These additional air intake holes increase the flow of gas in the combustion chamber, allowing for more complete fuel burning. Experience efficient and clean combustion, maximizing the use of your fuel resources.

    KeeMoon Camping Pellet Stove by KeeBon

    The KeeMoon Camping Pellet Stove is the ultimate solution for outdoor enthusiasts seeking a reliable and versatile cooking and heating companion. With its high-quality stainless steel construction, thickened cooking surface, removable stand, dual-purpose pellet adjustment valve, built-in oven, U-shaped combustion chamber design, and secondary air intake, this stove offers exceptional performance for all your camping needs.

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Customer Reviews



Feels like it was built to last no complaints. Worth the slight price increase over the competition!


Absolutely amazing stove to take away on short camping trips.


I researched stoves for days to find the one for me, and I was honestly hesitant on this one, but I’m so glad I bought it. I use it in my 22ft travel camper, and this thing cooks me out of it! Great stove. Very well made, doesn’t leak any smoke. I’ve been using it every day for the past two months, and it is still in great shape.