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RedTail Camping Pellet Stove | Mini Pellet Stove with Oven | KeeBon New Arrival 2024

RedTail Camping Pellet Stove | Mini Pellet Stove with Oven | KeeBon New Arrival 2024

US$ 389.00
  • Detail
    • Uncompromising Warmth: The Redtail Pellet Stove ensures comfort in any outdoor condition, from harsh winters to challenging weather elements.
    • Built-in Oven: Enjoy oven cooking in the great outdoors with the convenience of the Redtail Pellet Stove's integrated oven feature.
    • Convenient Thermometer: Easily monitor and control the stove's temperature with the built-in thermometer for precise cooking and warmth.
    • U-Shaped Flue Design: The innovative U-shaped flue design optimizes heat distribution for consistent warmth in your camping space.
    • Portable and Compact: The Redtail Pellet Stove is designed for easy transportation and setup with foldable legs and convenient accessory storage.
    • Captivating Flame Display: Experience the mesmerizing flame display through the large front glass of the Redtail Pellet Stove.

    redtail camping pellet stove

    Redtail Camping Pellet Stove

    Experience Cozy Comfort in Every Outdoor Setting

    Prepare yourself for unparalleled warmth and comfort with the Redtail Camping Pellet Stove. No matter where your outdoor adventures take you, this remarkable stove ensures that you and your loved ones can enjoy the perfect temperature in any wilderness. From tranquil forest meadows to lofty mountain campsites, conquer the harshest winter conditions and ever-changing weather with the assurance of warmth provided by this exceptional camping companion.

    redtail camping pellet stove size

    redtail camping pellet stove size

    We recommend using it during cold winters or long-term camping, as it saves the hassle of adding firewood frequently and makes it easier to manage temperature and time. The main body adopts a U-shaped structure with very high heat storage capacity, so you can fully enjoy the oven.


    Stove Type Camping Pellet Stove
    Carrying Weight 28.7 lb / 13 kg
    Folding Dimension 18.5 x 7.5 x 11 in (47 x 19 x 28 cm)
    Assembly Dimension 25.2 x 7.5 x 33.5 in (64 x 19 x 85 cm)
    Chimney Length 8.53 ft / 260 cm
    Chimney Diameter 2.36 in / 6 cm
    Material Stainless Steel 304
    Burning Time 4-5 Hours
    Fuel 6-8 mm Pellet
    Pellet Length Less than 3 cm
    M S
    F 1

    Redtail Pellet Stove

    Pellet Fuel Tank


    Stove Bag (YKK Zipper)

    *Stove Tools (screw and wrench)

    redtail camping pellet stove with oven

    Elevate Your Outdoor Culinary Experience with the Integrated Oven

    Take your outdoor cooking to new heights with the Redtail Camping Pellet Stove's built-in oven. Seamlessly combining the benefits of a reliable heating source and a versatile cooking appliance, this stove allows you to create mouthwatering meals and delectable treats in the heart of nature. Delight in the flavors of oven-cooked dishes, impress your camping companions, and savor the joy of culinary adventures amidst the beauty of the great outdoors.

    redtail camping pellet stove with Integrated Thermometer

    Effortless Temperature Control with the Integrated Thermometer

    Achieve precise temperature control effortlessly with the Redtail Camping Pellet Stove's convenient integrated thermometer. No more guesswork or unpredictable heat levels—simply monitor and adjust the stove's temperature with ease. Whether you're baking, roasting, or simply maintaining a cozy atmosphere, the thermometer ensures that you have full control over the heat, allowing you to create culinary masterpieces and enjoy the perfect ambiance in your camping haven.

    redtail camping pellet stove

    Optimal Heat Distribution with the Innovative U-Shaped Flue Design

    Experience efficient and even heat distribution throughout your camping space with the Redtail Camping Pellet Stove's innovative U-shaped flue design. This intelligent feature allows for optimal thermal convection, ensuring that warmth circulates consistently and effectively. Say goodbye to chilly corners or hotspots—enjoy a comfortably warm environment no matter the altitude, weather, or time of day. Let the Redtail stove be your reliable source of cozy heat in any outdoor setting.

    redtail camping pellet stove

    Portability and Convenience for On-the-Go Adventurers

    Designed with portability and convenience in mind, the Redtail Camping Pellet Stove is your perfect camping companion. Its compact and portable design, complemented by foldable legs, ensures easy transportation and hassle-free setup. Every accessory and component can be conveniently stored within the stove itself, so you can focus on enjoying your outdoor escapades without sacrificing space or adding unnecessary weight to your camping gear.

    redtail camping pellet stove

    Create an Enchanting Ambiance with the Captivating Flame Display

    Immerse yourself in the enchanting beauty of dancing flames through the Redtail Camping Pellet Stove's large front glass. As the centerpiece of your outdoor activities, this stove creates a captivating ambiance that enhances the warmth and coziness of your camping experience. Gather around its mesmerizing flames, share stories, and create lasting memories while basking in the gentle glow that the Redtail stove provides.

    Elevate your camping adventures with the Redtail Camping Pellet Stove. Embrace the ultimate comfort, indulge in outdoor culinary delights, and bask in the mesmerizing warmth of its captivating flame display. With this reliable and versatile stove, your outdoor experiences will reach new heights of coziness, convenience, and unforgettable moments.


    The published photos have been processed and adjusted to be as close as possible to the actual color, but depending on monitor settings, weather, lighting, etc., it may appear different from the actual color.
    During the combustion process, please consider the surrounding environment for use.
    During the manufacturing process, there are welding marks and small scratches on certain parts of the product. Thank you for your understanding.
    Due to the storage of parts and chimneys in the main body, scratches may occur due to collisions between parts.
    If the screws are removed or loose, please use the accompanying tools and spare screws for adjustment.
    We do not accept returns or exchanges as stipulated above, so please purchase with prior consent.
    The furnace may change color due to heating method. It may also be impossible to recover. Please be informed.
    Be sure to wear gloves when assembling and using the furnace. Otherwise, it may cause burns or injuries.
    For outdoor use only

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Customer Reviews



This stove has blown me away!! Amazing quality, efficient heat and long burn time.

I haven’t been this excited about a product in a while. I have been doing more winter hot tent car camping over the last few years and this stove is exactly what I have been looking for. The main reason I bought this stove was because of its stated burn time. One of the issues I’ve had in the past when hot tenting was having to wake up in the night to stoke the fire. That problem is solved with this stove. On one full hopper of pellets which is about 15lbs, I get about 6-8 hours out of it fully cranked. This allows me to keep the tent nice and toasty and not have to get out of bed multiple times per night to stoke the fire.

The cooktop and oven are both effective at boiling water and warming food. So far I’ve only used the oven to warm a frozen burrito and it did a good job at that. The max temp I could get the stove on my testing so far was 350 degrees. I would like to do some more Involved cooking on this setup on my next outing in a few weeks.

If you’re worried about the quality of this stove, don’t be. I wasn’t expecting it to be as well built as it is. They use thick stainless steel on the main firebox and it’s very heavy. The legs are really sturdy and the assembly of the stove is pretty intuitive. The stove pipes are made of a thinner stainless but they work flawlessly and don’t really feel cheap. I would love to try some of the other stoves from SoloWilder that they have on their website. I’d definitely like to try more items from them in the future.

I’ll update my post in the future as I get more use with this stove, but I’m extremely happy with this purchase.


This is a product that I am very, very satisfied with. It has good firepower and is easy to use.