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Mini Pellet Stove (3)

The KeeBon Mini Pellet Stove is portable, small and suitable for outdoor camping and can be used in RVs, tents with stove jacks and open campgrounds.


Mini Pellet Stove | Combination of Small Wood Stove and Pellet Hopper

The mini pellet stove is a compact and portable heating solution that combines a small wood stove and a pellet hopper.
Despite its small size, the mini pellet stove offers efficient heating performance, providing consistent heat output for a comfortable camping experience.
The versatility of fuel options allows you to choose between wood and wood pellets, adapting to different camping environments and fuel availability.
The pellet hopper system in the mini pellet stove is a convenient feature that automatically feeds wood pellets into the stove. This eliminates the need for manual fuel feeding and ensures uninterrupted heating. The hopper has a capacity that can hold a sufficient amount of pellets, allowing you to enjoy long periods of warmth without constant refilling.